A Human Lifespan so Short

I just get back from funeral service of my friend’s husband..He got heart attack and most of his heart arteries blocked more than 70%. Only 1 stent can be placed but it didn’t help much..not long after the procedure done, his heart rhytmn never regular, his conciousness never fully come back. After that his heart stop beating while his wife is there.. The cardiac and pulmonal resucitation procedure couldn’t bring him back… He was just 46 years old.. with 1 wife and 2 children.

My friend become a widow now so sad..I don’t have the ability to comfort or sweet talk her. I just come and pray that God will comforted and provide her needs.

A human life span is so unpredictable.. when we have to be seperated by our love ones. I can’t imagine how hurt a heart will be. Hopefully we won’t run out of time to love our dearest ones…….

My Home Decontamination Room

My hubby is the best👍🏻

Today is the second time I used our decontamination room..

During this pandemic adding a safer feel is important for me. Taking a shower and wash my hair immediately after I get back from work, before I enter our home is reliefing.

My man build our decontamination room all by himself alone. Even though this isn’t his major, he build it with all his hard work and heart. Every time when he get back from work, he build it little by little. It is almost finish now and can function very well.

I adored his work and appreciated it greatly. The way he show his love to the family is so real.. Many thanks honey🥰

Hopefully this pandemic is over soon.. Please do the prevention protocol properly. It is better to strictly do it eventough be stamp as overdue on it than taste the disease.

Uncontrollably Fond

Just finish watched this drama..usually this genre is not on my preference. This is why I just watched and finish it after actually I have the file long long time ago.. I tends to avoid a sad story. But I won’t regret watched it. The story really touched my heart. How Shin Joon Young and Noh Eul love each other despite Joon Young running out of time and the unsolved Noh Eul father deathly car accident. I learned to really appreciate every seconds that I still have to love our love ones dearly even at less favorable moments. Nah, it is really not as easy as it says..

I like the way each characters changing heart and how they choose differently eventough they have to pay the consecuencies. In most Korean dramas, the bad guys usually not always that bad..they have their own repentance. This is another reason I like to watch Korean dramas….

I even like the side stories..how cute Noh Jik and Choi Haru fallen for each other.I even like Yoon Jeong Ah first met with Choi Ji Tae, how she bravely admitted her 8 years crush for him.. I wish they can be together actually…

Uncontrollably Fond definitely a touching dramas which every characters show their best acting..Kim Wo Bin and Bae Suzy chemistry really strong.

Lastly, I hope Kim Wo Bin always in a good health, and be one of nasopharyng carcinoma’s survival..Amen😇

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